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 If you would have asked 10-year-old Jay Bridges what he wanted to do when he grew up his answer would have been skateboarding. By the age of 16 he found the art of capturing moments soon after picking up his first video camera. By 19, he had started a business selling skateboard equipment out of the back of a van. By 22, he was a store owner, a father and a well-respected name within the skateboarding community - not just locally but also nationally and globally. 

 Perhaps none of that is the most conventional way one spends their childhood into young adult life but for Jay, those were the very things engraved in his soul and still hold true. 


 As unsuspecting as a small town Ontario boy raised in Belleville, who spent summers helping his grandmother on the family farm in Lindsay, is how this entrepreneur not only launched himself into various industries, but taught himself what was required to be a successful business owner and photographer. While shooting video that was edited on VHS tapes between two VCRs was how he spent many years, he realized that there was something even more beautiful and captivating about still photography, and now for the better part of the last two decades, that's exactly what he has done. 


 Not everyone is fortunate enough to make a living based on dreams from almost 30 years ago but then again, not everyone is as driven to make things happen. Jay has the heart, dedication and tenacity and when it comes to his work, in whichever area that may be, crafting his art and growing his business is what continues to set him above many others. 

 Now a Kingston resident, with his shop located downtown on Princess Street, he has found a new home and built a foundation here which allows him to pursue his dreams and grow his businesses along the way. 

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